The month of October the whole world celebrates World Food Day as a way of promoting and enabling youth to practice organic farming, appreciating farmers from different parts of the world and one gets to see growth and new farming practices. Covid-19 hit us differently but the Agricultural Sector proved to to stand firm because it was listed as an essential service. People were working from home, Children were at home and people had to eat and eat healthy food. Most people with the fear of contacting the virus opted to grow their own and this i would say was a bold step to make.(if you are part of this bracket Congratulation).

On the 16th October 2020 we could see a lot of online presence with an example IFOAM Organics using their #luvorganic #igrowyourfood. Their were also farmers who used #organicfarming #Worldfoodday to showcase their business and how they earn from practicing Organic Farming.

For us we indeed had a blast in celebrating this day. The 16th being on a Friday we decided to hold our weekly Farmers Market as usual engaging in other activities also. We Partnered with PELUM Kenya,KOAN and Ngong Organic Farmers and we have a good turnout due to the lock down being lifted in our Country.


Daily Nation Article in Celebration of World Food Day.
Our Director was featured at the Garden Estate Farmers Market.

We registered 168 participants and they got a chance to buy farm produce,get free training with a QnA  session. We also issued some of our trained Farmers their Certificate. We hope we were good teachers and in some months we shall do our field visits to see how they are putting their theory into practice. We wish them all the best.


Trained Farmers being awarded their certificate.


Its always nice seeing children walk in the steps of their parents. We should never shy off from teaching them also on being Agripreneurs. They also learn that what they consume is safe and healthy for their bodies. With schools still closed they got a  chance to learn and also market the farm produce.

Our theme for his year was MIND WHAT YOU EAT,GROW SAFE FOOD AND GO ORGANIC and with Covid-19 it reminded us on the above importance. We are also grateful for our organic journey which has enabled us to meet people, partnerships and CSR activities which has been part of our growth. #IGROWWHATYOUEAT, never doubt us.