Farming that involves use of natural methods in order to keep the crops, soil and livestock healthy.  It relies on successful management of resources.  For agriculture to sustainable methods used must maximize production on small pieces of land while obtaining consistent yields and improving the soil.

Target Group

Small scale farmers, existing farming groups, institutions, women and youth groups as well as the schools children in our effort to change the mentality of “farming if for the poor

Main activities

  • Mobilizing and creating awareness among farming, women and youth groups.
  • Training the farmers on sustainable organic and bio-intensive farming.
  • Encouraging women to find new uses for common staple food and advising them to how to improve their families nutrition by food diversity, turning to traditional food value additions and planting fruit trees.
  • Facilitating information, idea and experience exchange among the farmers during discussions and visits.
  • Encouraging seed bulking, storage and exchange among farmers.
  • Identifying and linking the needy children with potential benefactors.
  • Collaborating and networking with the like-minded organizations, individuals and departments.

Encouraging women to work together on projects that will accelerate their economic growth and independence while taking care of the needy amongst them especially poor children and those affected by the HIV/AIDS.

Other Services we offer

  • Follow-up with trained and identified groups including links with other developers depending on their choice.
  • Organize exchange visits and field days for farmers to showcase and provide a variety of learning opportunities.
  • Carry out general farmer and public education regarding relevant advocacy issues.