Quinoa is a rich indigenous food ,a pseudo seed (this are plants that produce seeds or fruits that are consumed as grains) and It’s offers several edible parts : Tender young leaves as well as protein rich seeds. Quinoa is a crop with showy, colorful seed heads and ornamental foliage.

Seeds takes approximately 4-5 days to germinate, the soil should be moist until they are established. Its contains over twice the protein of brown rice ,oats or whole wheat and also contains minerals such as manganese, Phosphorus ,copper ,folate ,iron , magnesium and Zinc.


Photo from CSHEP Kiserian

Harvest: Quinoa plants are ready for harvest in 90.120 days when the leaves have fallen off only dried seeds heads remain ,the seed heads are ready to be harvested.

Soil and light: Quinoa plants grow well in a bright Sunny location that received several hours of direct light day. it’s grows well in a drained soil that’s high in organic matter ,soil should first be amended with compost manure.

Foliar Application: regularly apply rabbit urine (also for pest control) or biofertilizer to boost the plants growth and also water regularly and apply mulch and compost manure for top dressing.

Pest and diseases: Quinoa plants are hardy plants that are susceptible to few pest and diseases. The leaves of quinoa are susceptible to infestation of aphids. To control aphids one can intercrop with garlic, spraying by using Ash brew, solution of neem oil/powder and garlic, solution of mexican merigold, chilli, garlic and soapy water

Nutritional value:

-Quinoa is rich in proteins and this may aid in weight-loss.

-Contains all nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot make on their own.

-Quinoa is gluten-free and hence good for people sensitive to gluten or wheat.


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