KCOA (Knowledge Center of Organic Agriculture) is a network that is promoting Organic Agriculture through video production of Organic Agriculture, Trainings of multipliers as a measure of disseminating knowledge and advocacy, use of available resource e.g. utilization of land, making own fertilizers with locally available materials  and also its a platform for networking and creating a broader customer base for CBOs and Local NGOs.

As CSHEP we are priviledged to have our own Mrs. Esther Kagai, Founder of CSHEP, as one of the Masters trainers for the KCOA Project in Kenya and lead Participatory Guarantee Systems(PGS) Facilitator of Kenya. The project started with its training of Phase 1 from February-July 2021 with Organic Agriculture Extension Workers from all over the country participating in this this project with CSHEP Extension Workers being included.

From left: Dr. Nehemiah Mihindo (Effective IPM Association), Sylvia Kuria of Sylvia Basket, Mr. Ndungu of KOAN, Mr.Samuel Nderitu of G-BIACK, Mrs.Esther Kagai of CSHEP Kenya, Madam Misoi of Rodi-Kenya, Mr. Ferdinand Wafula of BIOGI.

Compost Manure Practical with Mr. Samuel Nderitu and Mrs. Esther Kagai.

Preparing Bokashi.

Take time to know what you eat, where it comes from, how is it grown and you will appreciate the efforts of the Farmer make a point to always buy from them and support them. Join in by being an organic ambassador and participate in the trainings and learn how to grow your own food. Make an ORGANIC CHOICE.