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Eating a Fruit or Drinking Fresh Fruit Juice, which is healthier?

The answer is Eating a Whole fruit. Fresh juice doesn’t even come close…

Fruits have fibers which improve your gut health. Juices are devoid of pulp (in most cases)and thus no fibers.
Fruits have fruits sugar (fructose), fibers, and other essential vitamins and minerals. The juices retains concentrated sugars.
Fruits when eaten as snacks relieves your hunger pangs and provide enough but not excess calories to perform day-to-day work.
Fruits make you feel fuller for longer and thus help avoid binge-eating on fast foods. Fruits are just fluids, so you can still fill eatables to the rim.
Fruit fibers help decrease glycemic index (GI) of overall meals as they are slowly digested, juices are digested quickly and have high GI.
Fruits eaten at the right time and right amounts do not cause instant spike in blood glucose levels. Juices are a complete No No for diabetics as they cause instant rapid increase in blood sugar levels.
Fruits are natural power source of nutrients where as Juices come with additives, preservatives, and extra calories.
Heat in blenders while preparing juices, can at times denature nutrients within the fruits.

Last but not the least, few very very important tips:

You can choose fresh fruit juices over cold drinks and cocktails when eating out (at least less harm than others, but resist if you can).
Fresh fruit juice is a less harmful version of canned fruit juice.
Fruit smoothie is better than fruit juices.
Cold-pressed juices may be healthier, but not processed.

Have a Fruity day?