“Eating Organic is not a trend, its a return to tradition.”


Growing up i thought farming is for the poor, its not a good income generating business, its a dirty work, and for a long time it was an entity that was not passed along to the Millennial Generation due to the sensitization of white collar jobs as our first priority. Uganda leads in policy formulation of Organic Agriculture and this has led to the demand of Organic Food and more emphasis on practicing Organic Farming as an option of full time employment.

In Kenya we are still behind and many times CBOs and Local NGOs like CSHEP have to fill the gaps in our communities and be in the front line to speak against use of Fertilizers and GMO seeds and turn back to the old ways of farming done by our forefathers. Traditional way of farming sensitized on eating indigenous food, protecting indigenous trees and food, seed saving, use of manure, conservation of soil and land, Agroforestry etc.

Can we go back to this norm? What knowledge on Organic Farming do you have? Do you have access to Organic Food and Organic Markets?

This questions had to answered the hard way after the Covid-19 pandemic  where we had to rethink on what we consume, Health benefits of the food we eat, Access of organic foods, Access to information on how to grow. he first Phase of pandemic with curfews and lockdown there was an emergence of the ‘car boot’ groceries with a demand of food and a boost of income in the Agricultural sector. My question for you is, have you made any conscious decisions on what you eat? Do you know any Organic Farmers Markets around your community? Any plans of Practicing Organic Farming?

Cshep in playing a role in sensitization of Organic Farming we offer Trainings to farmers and farmers group, we have 3 farmers market up and running which include: Kiserian every friday at Enkang Resturant from 8a.m-1p.m, Kid Venterous at Garden estate every friday from 8a.m-1p.m and Mugumo Park Resturant, Kikuyu opposite kikuyu township school every saturday from 8a.m-1p.m.

For enquiries contact 0717886217-Kiserian and 0114971663-Ndeiya.  Continue to keep safe, wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, sanitize and be your brothers keeper.