As Cshep we advocate for kitchen gardens as a mode of growing your own food. Not everyone can afford land mostly people living in the urban areas. Most people use “Ngunia” as a tool of growing their own food which is highly recommended for utilizing space and you can grow a variety of foods on a small piece of land.

Another option you can use at your kitchen garden is a Multistory Garden which has shown to be very effective in terms of durability and can be used for a period of 10 years + and will still be in good condition.

We are Grateful to Global Green Grant Fund for enabling this Multistory project to be a success and we are now guaranteed that the farmers will have plenty of vegetables for their household and will not rely on sourcing from outside. “You are what you eat”. This is the mantra that we are going by in this Organic Agriculture journey.

We also install this multistory gardens at a fair price. you can contact 0717886217 (Kiserian) and 0114971663(Ndeiya).