“Retirement is not the end of the road rather the beginning of a new path.”

Do you have a plan of what you will be doing when you turn 60 years? Do you teach and prepare your children of a life after they retirement? Personally i am, I am teaching my children not only to live for today but also for tomorrow. Covid-19 has reminded that we have to be thankful and think of tomorrow, need to save,eat Healthy and also spend time alone and family and reflect and make better decisions about our future.

For us a week prior from the first case of Corona Virus in our Country (13th March 2020) i had done a training at a farm in Kabete, Kiambu County to a woman who had retired in 2019 and wanted to pursue her passion in Farming. She had worked as a civil Servant for the last 38 years but due to other priorities coming up and life happening she had to hold but the passion never left her.

With enough land where she can practice her small scale farming she requested us to train her at her farm and during this covid-19 period she was able to utilize that time to put her theory into practice.

Within this week we were able to visit her and check on her progress and we were delighted with the results. We always find pride when we see the Farmers excel.

This was originally a cowshed but since it was no longer used it made a better home for her Cabbages.



She has grown Courgette and Sukuma Wiki  on her Garden.


It felt nice plucking it from my own Garden. Organic Green is very beautiful.







The start of something is always the best because you are so motivated, you have the zeal, the energy and a good attitude. The middle stage you are faced challenges,attitude and energy levels go down and 90% of people give up at this stage. This is the most crucial stage because it will determine you Success or Failure. But if you give up at this stage how will you know your capability. Never let the Challenges bring your down.

The same way applies in Organic Farming you will at one time want to use the easier road but trust me you don’t have to.

May we always embrace an Organic Lifestyle for a Healthier Lifestyle. The farmer is now happy because she is more aware of what she eat together with her family.