Covid-19: Eat a rainbow diet to boost your immunity ...

Oh, behold the mighty antibiotic resistance, the superhero villain of the microbial world! It’s like bacteria’s version of hitting the gym and bulking up to become immune to our feeble attempts at vanquishing them with antibiotics. But fear not, for there’s a glimmer of hope in the form of better eating habits to save the day!

Imagine a world where carrots are the new antibiotics, and broccoli is the sidekick we never knew we needed. It’s a gastronomic revolution! By devouring a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, we can equip our bodies with the ultimate defense system against infections. Think of it as arming ourselves with an army of nutrients that scream, “Bacteria, you shall not pass!”

But wait, there’s more! Our trusty gut superheroes, probiotics, are like the Avengers of digestion. They reside in foods like yogurt, maziwa lala (fermented milk), mursik (fermented milk of the Kalenjin community), and fermented collard greens)  ready to fight evil pathogens and maintain balance in our bellies. And let’s not forget the prebiotic warriors like garlic and onions, stealthily fueling our good gut bacteria to keep those bad boys in check.

Now, I must be clear: eating well won’t give you the ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes or make you immune to all infections. But it can certainly give your immune system a boost, making it less likely that you’ll need antibiotics in the first place. It’s like building a fortress around your body, complete with a moat of kale smoothies and a drawbridge made of quinoa.

So, my friends, let’s join forces in this epic battle against antibiotic resistance! Embrace the power of a balanced diet, and together we shall conquer those pesky microbes. Remember, good nutrition, rooted in the efforts of our farming community  is the secret weapon we’ve been waiting for, making us not just healthy but hilariously invincible!


Article written by,

George Munyaka

Founder member of Mabuheri

Nutrition student at JKUAT and Agroecology Enthusiast and Trainer at CSHEP

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